Gas fittings

Comprehensive beauty, improved function, economic value, social benefits, energy saving and environmental protection.The centralized gas supply in the laboratory will store all the cylinders in the ga

Comprehensive beauty, improved function, economic value, social benefits,

 energy saving and environmental protection.

The centralized gas supply in the laboratory will store all the cylinders in the gas cylinder room on the first floor. There is no need to carry the cylinders upstairs on the first floor. It can be arranged for special management, so that no high-educated talents can waste time. Replacing the gas cylinder makes the management of the gas supply system more rapid, convenient and efficient.

1. Reduce the cost of using the gas supply system

The centralized gas supply in the laboratory centrally stores all the cylinders together, which reduces the transportation cost of the cylinders and reduces the total number of cylinders for a single supply, thus reducing the cost of use.

2. continuous gas supply

The laboratory centralized gas supply source can be equipped with multiple bottles of gas supply. When a group of cylinders is used up, it can be automatically or manually switched to another group of cylinders for gas supply. The gas supply will continue during the switching process, and will not cause a cause. The gas supply is stopped and the gas supply is stopped to ensure that the instrument continues to work normally. The centralized gas supply can also be equipped with a low-pressure alarm system. When the gas is running out of gas, an audible and visual alarm is issued to remind the gas supply manager to replace the system in time to further meet the continuation. Gas supply requirements.

3. Stable transmission of pressure

The centralized gas supply in the laboratory uses a two-stage decompression method to deliver the gas. The first-stage decompression device reduces the gas pressure to slightly higher than the instrument use pressure. The gas is continuously supplied to the instrument through the secondary decompression device before being transmitted to the gas terminal through the pipeline. Stable pressure ensures the accuracy of instrument data.

4. Centralized gas supply to improve the safety of laboratory gas supply

A cylinder is a time bomb, and a slight negligence in management can easily lead to a safety incident. The centralized gas supply system stores the gas cylinders in the gas cylinder room away from the office crowd. The safety guarantee has the following points: First, the gas cylinders will be less likely to have problems after being away from the crowd; second, the gas cylinders The room can be equipped with a concentration alarm system, which can interlock the exhaust system of the cylinder chamber to discharge dangerous gases quickly out of the room when a dangerous gas leaks, to avoid more serious accidents. Third, even in the worst case, fire or Serious accidents such as explosions, but there are no office workers around the cylinder room, which can reduce the loss of life and property to the greatest extent.